Museums in Utrecht

Railway museum

Find out the story behind 175 year of railways through Holland and view the beautiful, historical trains in the Railway museum. You will literally enter a world full of soot and steam if you choose to start your day at ‘the discovery’. You will go on a journey to the year 1800 and descend 150 metres in the depth with an elevator. For a world full of dreams and far journeys, you can relax in the theatre ‘dream journeys’, where there are several magnificent shows throughout the day. Come to see these areas an all the other different areas in the railway museum! You are assured of an afternoon full of pleasure and an experience for young and old.

Speelklok museum

Watch and listen to the self-playing music instruments from all sorts and sizes in the museum Speelklok! The museum will show you the beautiful world of centuries old self-playing music instruments and will surprise you again and again with cheerful music through the whole museum. Young and old are assured of a whole day of pleasure with instruments like small music boxes and small carillons until gigantic carillon clocks and street organs. There is also an opportunity to enjoy lunch with fresh made sandwiches in the museum café Clock. Step by for a day full of joy!


Sonnenborgh used to be a world famous solar observatory where scientists found out from which substances the sun is made. To find this out, they used a gigantic solar telescope! View all the colours of the rainbow in the Sun area of Sonnenborgh or see the sun trough a Lunt-viewer on a clear day. Search for the cannon holes behind the centuries old, metres thick walls or come by on a dark night to watch the stars and planets. Sonnenborgh is extensively tested by the kids week test team and is awarded with an A for the inflatable planetarium, the exciting questions and all the interesting information about the universe. 


The Catharijne convent is the national museum for Christian art, culture and history. You will enter the beautiful world of Christian art from formerly and now with presentations and educational projects. The permanent collection will be shown in the different rooms of the museum like the treasure room, the monastery building and the room with Medieval masterpieces. Thereby the Catharijne convent presents several exclusive pieces and has regularly changing sub collections which are to admire temporarily. 

Central museum

The Central Museum Utrecht is an open house full of discoveries and a place you will always leave inspired. The museum is an attractive stage for art and design, actuality and future and  practice and reflection. Different styles are combined, from classic until modern and from experimental until monumental. The museum also has regularly changing exhibitions which are definitely worth watching!