Food and drinks

Restaurant Inspired

Restaurant Inspired is an atmospheric restaurant with a modern concept where you can enjoy your diner with a good glass of wine or beer. Let the chef surprise you with the ‘Get Inspired’ surprise menu of choose whatever you like from the varied menu. Inspired is situated in a characteristic building at the Bilstraat, a ten minute walk away from the Malie Hotel. The restaurant is perfect to enjoy your evening in a casual atmosphere and is also very suitable for drinks and bites or dinner with a bigger company. 


Restaurant Opium is present-day Asian restaurant situated in the city centre of Utrecht, on a 15 minute walking distance of the Malie Hotel. The restaurant is modern furnished with lounge sofas, a fireplace and a terrace where you can enjoy a delicious cocktail as an appetizer. Opium is a place where various cultures meet each other. The inspiration for the tasteful dishes comes from the beautiful Asia. The chef would love to make the Asian vitello tonato or the Thai fish curry for you, so you can experience the genuine tastes yourself!


Restaurant Goesting is a special restaurant at a unique place in Utrecht, in less than five minutes walking distance from the Malie Hotel. The restaurant is situated in an old stable, a magnificent detached building in the centre of a small park. In the kitchen the chefs use a traditional cooking style where they make use of fresh, sustainable and mostly biological products from the region. The extending menu changes often, so you can always experience the taste of fresh, seasonal products. However you will always find the classic dishes like shrimp croquettes, oysters and biological tournedos on the menu.


Bar bistro Madeleine is a cosy restaurant situated on the Wed, nearby the Dom tower. The restaurant is warm and modern furnished and has an inviting bar in the centre where you can enjoy a delicious drink. The menu is composed by the chef with care and offers classic, French dishes with a modern twist. In the kitchen the cooks only make use of daily fresh seasonal products for dishes like the ranch chicken, the delicious vegetarian risotto or the smoked salmon. Madeleine is also the perfect place for a delightful wine and a great opportunity for bites and drinks!