Culture & music

In the city centre of Utrecht you can indulge yourself  in the wide offer of culture and music.
With no fewer than five concert venues, the well-known TivoliVredenburg music centre offers the greatest musical variety in the Netherlands. In addition, the city centre offers many other, smaller platforms. For example, Ekko showcases the hottest new talent, Tivoli de Helling caters for alternative tastes, and the Leeuwenburgh hosts performances of the most beautiful classical pieces. The various churches in Utrecht also often schedule wonderful concerts. 

In addition to music, Utrecht also contains both large and small theatre venues. Of course the Stadsschouwburg and Beatrix Theater are the most well-known, but be sure to check out the programmes of the smaller theatres as well: Utrecht has so much to offer! 
Utrecht is also an ideal city for film lovers. It is home to the annual Dutch Film Festival, making it the ultimate city for Dutch cinema. The centre contains various large cinemas and intimate theatres, offering everything from the latest blockbusters to undiscovered arthouse gems.