Green Key Gold

Malie Hotel has been rewarded with the highest possible version: the Golden Green Key. 

The Green Key is an international certification mark for businesses in the tourism and recreation industry, and in the market for meeting and conference venues, which are serious and verifiable working on corporate sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), with concern for the environment on the business and the nature around them.

The Green Key guarantees the voluntary commitment of the entrepreneur to do more for the environment than legislation requires of him.

The Green Key is a way of communicating the sustainable image of the company to guests, business partners and governments.

Malie Hotel complies with the following appointments:

  • We actively contribute to the development of our field and the transfer of our knowledge to others who want to learn the trade.
  • We inform our relationships (customer / client, enjoyed box and suppliers) that we take  corporate social responsibility. 
  • We make clear agreements with the customer / client and or suppliers about the quality of our services and monitor the quality we deliver.
  • We determine the social impact of our services and limit them as much as possible as far as the negative impact such as fraudulent, intimidation, exploitation and child labor.
  • We monitor both the continuity of our company as the employer and we take care measures in case we have to deal with loss of income.
  • We provide a voluntary contribution to social causes through donations and sponsorship or volunteering.
  • We continuously work to reduce the environmental impact of our business.
  • We continuously work on improving our own procurement process when it comes to purchasing (office) materials and services with an environmental and / or social labeling.

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